A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

1v1 prototype completed for the June 2019 Fighting game jam. My first attempt to make something awesome with Godot engine.



Take control of Blue or Red and bop your opponent senseless! Use your stick to bop your opponent, reduce their life bar, and win the round!




A and D = Move left and right

W and S  = Move arm up or down

Shift or Space = Use in combination with A, D, W, or S keys to execute special moves.



Left and Right arrow keys = Move left and right

Up and Down arrow keys = Move arm up or down

Keypad 0 or Enter key =  Use in combination with the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys to execute special moves.



I've exported a Windows and a Linux version. The Windows version was tested briefly on my machine only. The Linux version is completely untested, and I'm honestly curious if it even works. Feel free to comment if you're a Linux user and it works!


I may expand on this idea in future, but for now expect the game to be really janky. There is no end goal beyond completing rounds due to time constraints. If you're interested in my work, or how I put together this project, please visit my blog:



Install instructions

The download is just a .zip archive. Extract the 2 files within the zip, the .exe and the .pak file, and give the game a shot!


RedBopBlueV03.zip 11 MB
rbbuntested.zip 13 MB

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