A downloadable game for Windows

Text to Ghost is a 2D text game about guiding a ghost to a goal at the top of the screen. You guide the ghost by typing in 1 of 5 words:






All action occurs in real time, and you'll need to type fast in order to avoid touching any other objects.

There is no sound. Text to Ghost is a prototype, and a series of literal and figurative headaches unfortunitely forced some hard cuts to ensure a quick release. I don't have any plans to return to this design. I'll be breaking down elements of the programming in my blog later in the week, for the curious:


Install instructions

The file to download is just a .zip archive. You should have no trouble extracting the game from the .zip.


GhostEXE.zip 11 MB


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That was quite fun and creative, managed to beat it!! 💪 Kept typing "uo" "ip" etc, lol. Was quite nice you could prepare a move and wait until you press enter to execute it, then it became easier to time. The final level was quite fun, seeing lots of them destroy each other.

Thanks again for taking the time to play! I also enjoyed the ability to queue your next action. I may return to the idea in the future.